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Welcome To Arora Polyfab.

Looking at the rising demand for Artificial Leather, we fulfil the industry requirement with our unique Green Production process. As a result, our various departments can meet consumers' quality, design, and type of leather demands. We manufacture all kinds of artificial leather and seek towards making our quality better.

  • Leather with a Skin-Friendly technology
  • Delivering before 5-Step Inspection process
  • Striving towards making Marine Leather
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Project Commitment

Come to us with your idea, and get your leather delivered according to your needs and requirements. Our R&D department will accompany you with their expertise and develop a solution that will beat the market for you.

Our Work

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Our Work


Our Work Process

Secret behind Our Best Products

Our product goes through many inspections processes and then delivers a satisfactory item, making us a leading brand in the Artificial Leather industry.



Thinking, Experimenting and Implementing - The work process for a great product.



Includes operation of many new technology machines for an outstanding result.



Process of checking and assuring the target quality is achieved.

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The Safety

Safety & Audits

At Arora Polyfab, we ensure the complete safety of our employees, workers & technicians. We follow safety guidelines during each process of production. We perform regular audits to make sure that we are following our modus operandi and checking over our products' quality.


Our Departments

What makes us Different in the Industry

Our various departments work commonly to produce the best product out of any complications and challenges.

Research And Development

Research And Development

The department goes through various lab testing, material testing, printing and mixing judgments, and experiments to make an outcome that suits your requirements and market standards. test

Quality Department

Quality Department

We deliver our product only if we are 100% assured with the quality measures set mutually by the client and our company. A QC result is then declared after all the standards are met.

Printing Department

Printing Department

The design, texture and print you demand are successfully met in this department. Customers come up with various ideas, and our experts suggest the best impression they can get and lead the market.

Mixing Department

Mixing Department

Collection of all the raw material and chemical compounds received after R&D and inspection is mixed in this department and sent to the production line for final output. The product is then sent to apply the fabric.

Fabric Department

Fabric Department

Each Rexine material is coated with applying a particular fabric pre-decided in collaboration with the clients and R&D. The fabric department stores and manages the fabric which is to be used on the product.

Sample Department

Sample Department

A showroom where we store and showcase the different varieties of our rexine material that we manufacture in the unit. We display sample pieces to the clients to finalize what design they want and suggest them a suitabl

Working With Excellent

Arora Polyfab

Established in 1995, Arora Polyfab is now a manufacturer of Eco-friendly Artificial leather that makes us unique in this industry.

  • Green Production.
  • Always meet the market standards.
  • Daily Inspection
  • Regular Audits

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Work Employed


Happy Customers


Dispatched (5 Lakh per Month)

Our Clients Say

Making Clients Happy

We have our clients around the globe and continuously make them happy with our quality and R&D techniques.

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